Chapter 1278 - Fighting Perfected Earth Sovereign

Chapter 1278 - Fighting a Perfected Earth Sovereign

In the dark prison, the charming lady in the white dress quietly sat with her head slightly raised. As if her gaze pierced through the layers and saw that silhouette in the sky.

“Mu Chen…” A smile rose on her face. Just a moment ago when she gained control of the Protection Spiritual Array, she had already spread her perception throughout this continent.

Thus, she could see the Mu Chen that had matured and was no longer that unripened youth.

Evidently, Mu Chen had grown up over the past few years.

“Mu Chen, I will help you trap one Perfected Earth Sovereign, but you have to depend on yourself for the other two.” Ling Xi muttered. With this Spiritual Array that Qing Yanjing had left behind, even as a Perfected Earth Sovereign, Ling Xi was confident in trapping the Emerald Serpent Ancestor.

This was also her limits. As for Gu Shihuang and Liang Xiesha, Mu Chen and the rest still had to rely on...

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