Chapter 1277 - Seizing Array

Chapter 1277 - Seizing the Array

Mu Chen’s calm voice resounded throughout this region, echoing across the Spiritual Jade Island for a long time.

Hearing Mu Chen’s arrogant words, Gu Shihuang knitted his brows while looking at the silhouette that was standing on the billowing wave with a faint smile. “A mere Greater Earth Sovereign dares to speak such words to this old man, you truly do not know the immensity of heaven and earth.”

As Gu Shihuang spoke, the last word exploded with visible shock waves ferociously sweeping towards Mu Chen.

The soundwave was extremely terrifying, and if an ordinary Greater Earth Sovereign came in contact with it, they might be covered in blood or even be heavily injured on the spot.

But for Mu Chen, who could dominate the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield with the cultivation of a Lesser Earth Sovereign, he clearly wasn’t included amongst the ‘ordinary’.

Thus, Mu...

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