Chapter 1274 - Falling Straight Into Trap

Chapter 1274 - Falling Straight Into the Trap

When the middle-aged man kneeled, Mu Chen, who was prepared for battle, was instantly stunned. Even Luo Li and the rest were dumbfounded, since they were startled by this sudden change.

They never imagined that this middle-aged man, who was so ferocious just a moment ago, would show such an attitude all of a sudden. Furthermore, they could tell that the respect on his face was genuine.

Luo Li and the rest exchanged a look and they could tell the puzzlement in each other’s eyes. Clearly, they had no idea what’s going on with the middle-aged man…

Mu Chen was briefly stunned, but he soon recovered. However, his alertness hadn’t decreased as he looked at Long Xiang. “You’re someone from the Ancient Buddha Clan?”

“Yes!” Long Xiang nodded.

“Then, you should know of the Ancient Buddha Clan’s attitude for me.” Mu Chen faintly smiled as his gaze sharply looked at Long Xiang. “The Ancient Buddha Clan would definitely not...

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