Chapter 1273 - Young Master

Chapter 1273 - Young Master

In the Luo God Palace

The skinny middle-aged man sat on the chair without any emotions. His body wasn’t moving. It was so much so that even his breathing was so weak that it couldn’t be heard. If it wasn’t for the spiritual light flashing in his eyes, everyone would think that he’s a statue.

This fellow had been sitting here for an entire month without moving!

Luo Li’s brows were tightly knitted ever since this fellow reported his intentions; he did not speak any further, so she couldn’t confirm whether he’s a friend or enemy.

But there’s something that she could be certain about, this person should be from one of the five Ancient Clans, the Ancient Buddha Clan, since Luo Li had realized the embroidery of a black pagoda on the man’s sleeve. In the Great Thousand World, only the Ancient Buddha Clan could be considered as an extraordinary force.

“Mu Chen’s mother should be from...

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