Chapter 1271 - Long Xiang

Chapter 1271 - Long Xiang

Deep footsteps resounded within the bamboo forest and every step would cause the ground to tremble. However, this person did not have a robust build. He was a skinny middle-aged man wearing black clothes.

That man walked out of the forest and arrived at the pagoda. He stopped after seeing the old man and his voice resounded without any feelings, “What has Venerable Gu called me for?”

The old man named Venerable Gu raised his head and his eyes beamed when he looked at the middle-aged man with a smile. “Congratulations, Long Xiang. It looks like you’ve reached the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm.”

The middle-aged man’s aura was deep, as if he was bearing the weight of countless mountains. Every single one of his movements would cause an energy fluctuation to ripple out, causing the surrounding space to tremble.

“I’m only half-way in, I can only be considered...

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