Chapter 1269 - Baptism

Chapter 1269 - Baptism

A boundless luster blossomed from the starry sky. The ancient Spiritual Energy here was no longer as gentle a before. A terrifying power emanated, freezing the entire space. It was like time itself had slowed down.

Senior Winter’s body froze with rage on his face. However, there was nothing he could do because he couldn’t move at the moment.

But even so, his gaze was directed at Mu Chen with disbelief. Evidently, he had been greatly shocked by the sudden changes from before.

He never imagined that at such a crucial moment, Mu Chen’s retaliation would actually be so ferocious. That sword even contained the aura of a Heavenly Sovereign.

However, the might wasn’t as Senior Winter had expected. Although that sword could land him in great danger if he’s careless, it hadn’t reached the level of making him feel at a loss. The reason why he reacted that way was that...

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