Chapter 1266 - Distribution of the Baptism

Chapter 1266 - Distribution of the Baptism

When Luo Li appeared in the plaza, the commotion instantly turned silent and countless intoxicated gazes were directed towards the girl.

Furthermore, everyone knew that not only did she possess peerless beauty, but even her talent was comparable to her beauty…

Her radiance made many people feel ashamed of their inferiority.

Facing those gazes, she maintained a calm expression while sweeping her gaze around. When she saw Mu Chen, who was together with Luo Tianshen, she smiled.

Her smile had instantly caused everything to be dull in comparison and envious gazes were directed at Mu Chen with hatred mixed in.

If Mu Chen hadn’t shown such a shocking performance in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield, someone might have already made a move against him by now.

Mu Chen helplessly smiled in response to those gazes. At this moment, he understood that there’s genuinely a kind of woman in the world that had...

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