Chapter 1264 - Luo Li’s Might

Chapter 1264 - Luo Li’s Might

When that silhouette gradually formed behind Luo Li, a myriad foot of lustre burst out and gathered into a peerless silhouette that looked exactly the same as Luo Li, just that it had a sacred aura that made her look like a fairy.

That silhouette possessed incomparable beauty, as if it is the incarnation of beauty in the world.

When the boundless lustre burst out, it caused the battle in this region to turn silent and countless intoxicated gazes were directed at the girl with long silvery hair.

“What a beautiful Sovereign Celestial Body…” Countless people muttered at this sight.

Even the Flame Emperor and West Heaven Battle Emperor were briefly dazed by the beauty before they sighed, “Truly worthy of being the most beautiful Sovereign Celestial Body in the world…”

The Luo Shen Celestial Body was famed for its beauty since ancient times.

It was said that there were strict requirements...

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