Chapter 1263 - The Two Ladies

Chapter 1263 - The Two Ladies

Gales blew on the mountain range with two crowds that emanated powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations. Even the clouds had been torn apart from the pressure.

The two parties stood on either side of the mountain range with enmity filled in their eyes.

There’s a silhouette that stood at the front of the camp on the right side. She wore black clothes that outlined her figure and pearly-white skin. She also had a stunning appearance that made gazes focus on her face.

Furthermore, she also had an elegant bearing that made her look like an Empress. Aside from Luo Li, there’s no one so outstanding in the Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield.

Over a hundred Lesser Earth Sovereigns were standing behind Luo Li, looking towards her with traces of respect.

When Ling Feizi swept the entire Lesser Earth Sovereign Battlefield, many people were fleeing....

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