Chapter 1261 - The Final Victor

Chapter 1261 - The Final Victor

Ling Zhanzi threw a jab forth with boundless Spiritual Energy gathering over, forming into a massive fist that was a myriad foot high, along with a majestic might that trembled the heavens and earth from that fist.

When he jabbed forth, Ling Zhanzi’s face turned pale, but there was a pride in his eyes. The power behind this fist had practically reached his limit.

This attack was something that even Pinnacle Greater Earth Sovereigns would avoid!

“After this fist, even if I am powerless to fight, I will drag Mu Chen out of the battlefield. At that time, the quota will still belong to my West Heaven Temple. And I believe that the Temple Master will surely compensate my losses.” Ling Zhanzi’s gaze flickered. He knew that he could no longer obtain victory against Mu Chen. The only thing he could do was risk his life and drag Mu Chen out of the battlefield with him. In that case, he would have removed an enemy that Ling Jianzi and Ling Longzi couldn’t face.

If he succeeded, then he would have made a significant contribution. At that time, the West Heaven Battle Emperor would even reward him for his deed.

With this thought, Ling Zhanzi coldly looked at...

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