Chapter 1259 - Reemergence

Chapter 1259 - Reemergence

Ling Zhanzi’s roar rumbled like a clap of thunder in this region, along with boundless Spiritual Energy continuously being unleashed from him, causing the surrounding space to fluctuate.

At this moment, Ling Zhanzi’s eyes beamed with a lustre and no longer looked weak and exhausted like before. Evidently, he had made use of the ‘Battle Sacrifice’ to restore his Spiritual Energy, and the drained Spiritual Energy had, once again, replenished his body.

Standing on the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body, he looked at Mu Chen. He had finally made a comeback at the last minute, and an exhausted Mu Chen was of no threat to him.

The spectators also shook their heads. Who could have expected that Ling Zhenzi would still have this move and instantly turn the tables around?

“That Ling Zhanzi is too ruthless. He is actually willing to pay such price for the quota.” Some people sighed.


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