Chapter 1258 - Monstrous

Chapter 1258 - Monstrous

The two fingers streaked across the horizon and clashed together. In that moment of contact, the entire region froze for a moment. The Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth fled in every direction, as if they were afraid of being demolished by the destructive prowess.

A visible storm of Spiritual Energy violently swept out from the point of collision and the storm tore the ground in its path apart.

The massive forest had utterly disappeared with all life forms wiped out from underneath the shock wave…

Everyone was dumbfounded by the destructive power and felt their scalps going numb. Even if a Greater Earth Sovereign was caught in this shock wave, they would most likely fall.

“This… aren’t the two of them a little too monstrous? This is a confrontation between a Greater and Lesser Earth Sovereign, so why is it so terrifying?!” There were Greater Earth Sovereigns that watched...

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