Chapter 1257 - Immortal Golden Body vs Battle Emperor Celestial Body

Chapter 1257 - Immortal Golden Body vs Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body

The three spheres of light behind the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body burst out with a myriad foot-high lustres, and Mu Chen was shocked to see the silhouettes in those spheres…

“What are they?!” Mu Chen’s pupils narrowed as he looked at the three spheres with spiritual lustre gathering in his eyes, which enhanced his vision.

After a clear look, Mu Chen took a deep breath and realised that those three spheres were filled with silhouettes in heavy armour. They were sitting with their boundless Battle Will surging forth.

They were actually a considerable-sized troop!

“The spheres have formed into a tiny space that can raise so many troops?” Mu Chen’s face changed when he noticed that they were still emanating life force, that meant that they’re not puppets!

“So this is the profundity of the Primordial Battle Emperor Celestial Body!”

“By storing troops in those spheres, the troops will provide Battle Will before fusing with the user’s Spiritual Energy, producing endless...

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