Chapter 1255 - Pinnacle Confrontation

Chapter 1255 - Pinnacle Confrontation

Ling Zhanzi stood in the sky of the majestic forest with powerful Spiritual Energy sweeping into gale around him. Battle Runes flickered on his arms, making him look like a god of war at this moment. He was filled with intimidation.

Ling Zhanzi indifferently glanced at the Black Tortoise Battle Will Spirit that had been sent flying by him, as well as the destroyed Spiritual Array, with a ridiculing smile on his face. “If this is all you have, then I’ll be too disappointed.”

There wasn’t any change in Mu Chen’s expression, but there was a solemn look in his eyes. Ling Zhanzi was undoubtedly the most powerful person that he had seen amongst the Greater Earth Sovereigns.

According to his estimations, Ling Zhanzi should be at the Pinnacle Greater Earth Sovereign Realm with a step away from the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm.

“Truly worthy of being the Battle Emperor’s direct disciple…” Mu Chen muttered as he raised his...

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