Chapter 1254 - Ling Zhanzi’s Might

Chapter 1254 - Ling Zhanzi’s Might

The six silhouettes stood in formation in the vast heavens and earth with a mighty gale that blew in every direction, causing buzzing noises in the sky.

A powerful pressure enveloped the heavens and earth, causing the atmosphere to freeze to the point that even the clamour in the plaza had instantly quieted down.

Everyone was nervously looking at the screen, since they knew that after the elimination, there would only be one out of the six of them that would receive the title, Seed of the Continent.

But clearly, there were more that thought highly of the three Holy Children. After all, whether it was their fame or achievements, they far surpassed Mu Chen’s group of three.

As for Mu Chen, who took Liu Xingchen’s spot, they briefly pondered and felt that it was still impossible for Mu Chen to face Ling Zhanzi, even if he had quite a few trump cards. After all,...

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