Chapter 1253 - Decisive Battle

Chapter 1253 - Decisive Battle

When Su Mu held onto the sword, a dreadful Sword Aura burst out from him that wreaked havoc between the heavens and earth with marks left behind by the stunning Sword Aura.

As he looked at Mu Chen, the warm attitude he had before had been completely wiped away.

Diplomacy before violence, since they’re done with the first, now it’s time for violence… since they wanted to test Mu Chen’s strength. If Mu Chen wasn’t qualified, then they would immediately make a move to seize the Battle Seals back from Mu Chen, since the equality between them was built by the foundation of strength.

If Mu Chen wanted to receive equal treatment, then he would have to show convincing strength.

Mu Chen was also clear about this, so he wasn’t unhappy and gently nodded his head. “Then, please enlighten me.”

Seeing that there wasn’t any fear on Mu Chen’s face, Su Mu lightly nodded his head. He had heard of Mu Chen’s recent fame, so he knew...

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