Chapter 1252 - Su Mu and Chu Men

Chapter 1252 - Su Mu and Chu Men

The moment Mu Chen ascended the peak, a screen of light rose around the plaza with the rankings in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield. When everyone saw Mu Chen being the first ranker, a commotion broke out.

“Heavens, what happened?! How did Mu Chen ascend to the first from the seventh?”

“It’s Liu Xingchen! Liu Xingchen disappeared! It looks like Mu Chen has seized his Battle Seals!”

“Tsk, tsk. Benefiting without any effort.”

“That Mu Chen is really cunning. Liu Xingchen had been heavily injured by Ling Zhanzi, and suffered a great decrease in his strength before he was found by him!”

“But I’m afraid that this isn’t a piece of good news. His actions will surely enrage Ling Zhanzi, so that Mu Chen will be in trouble soon.”


As the whispers resounded, practically everyone felt that Mu Chen only obtained first because of luck. They had witnessed the strength of Ling...

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