Chapter 1251 - Liu Xingchen

Chapter 1251 - Liu Xingchen

After seeing Liu Xingchen and Ling Zhanzi leave, Mu Chen hesitated. He knew that there would be an intense battle between the two of them, but he had no intention to chase after them to fish for benefits. The two of them weren’t ordinary people, so he might attract their enmity instead if he followed them.

Thus, Mu Chen did not participate in the battle of those two and left in another direction. He knew that after this battle between the two of them, one of them would be sent out of the battlefield. Regardless of who it was, the winner would surely speed up the elimination rate in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield, with an intense finale for the Seed of the Continent contest.

With such thoughts in his heart, Mu Chen’s figure suddenly paused and he looked into the distance after he sensed violent Spiritual Energy fluctuations soaring into the sky.

The fluctuations were so powerful that Mu Chen could sense it, even at this distance. Looking at it from afar, even...

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