Chapter 1250 - Sweeping Through

Chapter 1250 - Sweeping Through

After the battle between Xue Lingzi and Mu Chen, Mu Chen’s fame swept throughout the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield once again, causing great shock that far surpassed the previous time. That’s because a Greater Earth Sovereign had fallen this time!

In the Great Thousand World, everyone knew the strong vitality of an Earth Sovereign. Perhaps they could be defeated, but killing them was extremely hard, unless the Earth Sovereign was wholly suppressed.

Why were the three Hold Children of the West Heaven Temple famous? Wasn’t it because they had an achievement of killing Great Earth Sovereigns under their belt?

But, right now, it was accomplished by a Lesser Earth Sovereign. So this shock was even more significant than the three Holy Children of the West Heaven Temple.

It was precisely because of this that no one came at Mu Chen and the talk of suppressing...

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