Chapter 1249 - Obtaining the Battle Formation

Chapter 1249 - Obtaining the Battle Formation

While everyone was shocked at the fall of Xue Lingzi, the West Heaven Battle Emperor had also narrowed his eyes as he stared at the youthful silhouette on the screen.

Although he maintained a calm expression, there was a flash of shock in the depths of his eyes. Evidently, he was also taken by surprise by the fact that Mu Chen killed Xue Lingzi.

“Turns out that Flame Emperor has good eyesight after all. This Mu Chen is truly qualified to participate in the Greater Earth Sovereign Battlefield.” The West Heaven Battle Emperor laughed.

He was, after all, a Heavenly Sovereign, so he wasn’t an unreasonable person, despite being proud. Thus, if he had chosen to disregard the strength that Mu Chen had displayed, then he would seem too petty.

However, he still merely thought that...

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