Chapter 1248 - Death of Xue Lingzi

Chapter 1248 - The Death of Xue Lingzi

The crystal pagoda quietly sat on Mu Chen’s palm with the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body and Xue Lingzi, whose face was covered in shock, imprisoned in the pagoda.

He never expected that in the mere instant that he wasn’t paying attention, he would be imprisoned by this crystal pagoda of Mu Chen’s.

Although he had no idea what ability the crystal pagoda had, he could sense a dense danger and immediately, he unleashed his Spiritual Energy without any hesitation to control the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body to destroy the pagoda.

“Since you’re already inside, then don’t think of coming out again.” Facing his struggles, Mu Chen indifferently smiled and his seal changed. Crystallised flames swept out from within the pagoda and instantly stuck onto the Shadow Blooded Immortal Body.

The crystallised flames blazed and Xue Lingzi’s face drastically changed. He realised that along with the burning...

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