Chapter 1246 - Demon-Extinguishing Army

Chapter 1246 - Demon-Extinguishing Army

The few thousand silhouettes that stood on the surface of the water were akin to boulders while they stood still. There wasn’t any vitality emanating from their bodies, but all of them were emitting terrifying Battle Will that left the spectators shaken.

Basically, everyone knew about Mu Chen, so they knew that Mu Chen was also a Battle Formation Master, aside from being a Spiritual Array Master.

But the majority of the people would choose to progress on one path. However, Mu Chen had cultivated both ways and even attained considerable attainments in both.

“Where did he get this troop from?”

“What shocking Battle Will, probably only the West Heaven Temple can bring out such a troop!”

“What’s the origin of that brat to have such power!”


When the Demon-Extinguishing Army appeared, a commotion rang out in the surroundings, since many people were astonished by this trump card of Mu Chen’s.

That’s because the Battle Will that emanated from the Demon-Extinguishing Army even made them, Greater Earth Sovereigns,...

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