Chapter 1245 - Is this enough?

Chapter 1245 - Is this enough?

Waves surged from the boundless ocean with killing intent spreading in this region.

There was vague attention being directed over from some of the islands and all of them were in this region with the ocean dyed blood-red. When they saw the two silhouettes standing on the wave, their gazes flickered.

“That Xue Lingzi actually invited the Ghost Master just to deal with Mu Chen…”

“This way, Mu Chen will definitely lose.”

“The Ghost Master is a long reputed Spiritual Array Scholar in the West Heaven Continent, so it shouldn’t be difficult for him to deal with Mu Chen’s Spiritual Array.


Those voices quietly rang out. There were those that took joy in the misfortune of others. Many people had already felt unhappy that no one dared to provoke Mu Chen over the past few days. After all, Mu Chen was basically underestimating them, since he acted so arrogantly in the West Heaven Continent.

So they naturally didn’t feel any pity for Mu Chen at this moment.


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