Chapter 1244 - Ghost Master

Chapter 1244 - Ghost Master

Just as Mu Chen had expected, his fame spread out a day later. Mu Chen couldn’t even figure out how those cautious fellows exchanged their information…

But this would cause trouble for Mu Chen, since he realised that even if someone came to him after he set up his Spiritual Array and waited, the moment his prey saw the Spiritual Array around him, they would briefly hesitate before retreating.

In the past, they would still look down on Mu Chen’s cultivation at the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm. But after knowing that Mu Chen was a Middle Rank Spiritual Array Scholar, his Spiritual Array was something that could even threaten a Greater Earth Sovereign.

In the Great Thousand World, it’s common knowledge not to fight with a well-prepared Spiritual Array Master.

Thus, no one would dare to enter a myriad foot around Mu Chen as long as they’re not stupid.

With his identity as a Spiritual Array Scholar exposed, it had given Mu Chen a significant intimidation,...

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