Chapter 1243 - Becoming Famous

Chapter 1243 - Becoming Famous

Mu Chen smiled with a scarlet scroll in his hand. The Firecloud King had already disappeared, since he had been kicked out of the battlefield with the loss of his Battle Seals.

Through the threat, Mu Chen had easily achieved his objective, obtaining the Fire Shuttle Art from the Firecloud King.

It wasn’t too hard for him to accomplish it, since the fate of the Firecloud King was in his hands. In this sort of battlefield, deaths were the norm, so no one could say a word even if Mu Chen killed the latter.

Perhaps the Firecloud King might have a trump card, but it would still result in him being heavily injured or even having repercussions. Thus, between the choices of his life or the Divine Ability, the Firecloud King chose the former.

“Fire Shuttle Art…” Mu Chen poured his Spiritual Energy into the scroll and a massive amount of information started to pour into his mind. This Fire Shuttle Art was only a Lesser Divine Art, and in terms of grading, it’s not something that would cause Mu Chen to be tempted. However, this art had the speed and ability to pass through the obstruction of a Spiritual Array, thus causing Mu Chen to be very interested in it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be bothered with trying to obtain it from the Firecloud King.

One must have fire-attributed Spiritual Energy to use this Fire Shuttle Art,...

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