Chapter 1242 - First Battle

Chapter 1242 - First Battle

The nine dragons hovered in the sky, emanating a terrifying Spiritual Energy fluctuation that roared like waves, causing the surrounding space to distort from the terrifying pressure.

The fiery-robed man looked extremely unsightly when facing the nine dragons before he looked at Mu Chen, who was standing on the mountain with a smile on his face. How could the fiery-robed man not tell that he had fallen into Mu Chen’s trap?

Mu Chen was putting up an act when he fled earlier!

“What a cunning brat!” The fiery-robed man cursed with a dark expression.

Mu Chen smiled. He also couldn’t be bothered to talk to much, so he spoke his objectives upfront, “Hand over your Battle Seals.”

“Dream on! You think that you can defeat me, the Firecloud King with one Spiritual Array?” The fiery-robed man smiled with ridicule. Although this Spiritual Array seemed extraordinary, Mu Chen was still a Lesser Earth Sovereign. In the worst case scenario, he could drag...

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