Chapter 1241 - Fiery Robed Man

Chapter 1241 - Fiery-Robed Man

In the vast dusk between the heavens and earth, a fiery silhouette flew across the sky. It was a man dressed in a long fiery robe with scarlet flames sizzling on his body. This was due to the unique nature of his vigorous fire attributed Spiritual Energy. It was akin to clothes that were made of flame that protected him.

At the same time, he swept his sharp gaze around like a hunting hawk. He’s currently searching for his prey. The moment he encountered someone weaker, he would immediately tangle up with that person and seize their Battle Seal.

However, the status between prey and hunter could always change, so he had to be extremely cautious and flee the moment he sensed danger.

With a unique escaping Divine Ability, he was confident that there weren’t many amongst those of the same cultivation that could catch him.

Furthermore, if his opponents chased after him, he could make...

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