Chapter 1240 - Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation

Chapter 1240 - Spiritual Trinity Battle Formation

When he passed through the vortex, Mu Chen opened his eyes and he saw that everything was dyed in yellow from the dusk. This was a massive desolate land.

“This is the battlefield?” Mu Chen looked at the endless dusk and fell into thoughts.

Evidently, this must be a small space that the Battle Emperor had established with all the Greater Earth Sovereigns in here, since an intense battle was swiftly brewing.

It’s a battle that no one could be exempted from.

However, Mu Chen wasn’t nervous. He briefly pondered before immediately leaving and clenched his hand. The Battle Seal appeared in his hand.

This Battle Seal was vital to everyone that’s participating the Seed of the Continent contest since when one who loses their Battle Seal, it would mean their failure and they’d be removed from this spa...

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