Chapter 1239 - Battle Emperor’s Benefits

Chapter 1239 - Battle Emperor’s Benefits

The crystal pagoda in his body trembled. Although Mu Chen’s face wasn’t changing, there was a smear of shock that flashed in the depths of his eyes. He never expected that the Flame Emperor would be so powerful, sensing the crystal pagoda in his body with a mere glance.

“Could all the Heavenly Sovereigns sense it?” Mu Chen knitted his brows. This wasn’t a piece of good news for him since it would attract the Ancient Buddha Clan and bring trouble for him.

But he soon overthrew that thought since he could sense that the West Heaven Battle Emperor couldn’t detect the existence of the crystal pagoda within his body.

That also meant that not every Heavenly Sovereign possessed that terrifying ability, aside from those at the level of the Flame Emperor…

However, those at the same level as the Flame Emperor were extremely rare existences in the Great Thousand World, so they weren’t people...

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