Chapter 1238 - The Battle Arriving

Chapter 1238 - The Battle Arriving

Over the next few days, the atmosphere in the West Heaven Battle City was boiling, since the battle might come at any time. Thus, the entire city boiled in anticipation. A lot of news was also spread around, especially those popular picks that became the focus of attention in the entire city.

But under this atmosphere, there were also those without any great reputation in the past who started to show themselves. They had been concealing themselves for this Seed of the Continent competition, with the intention to soar into the sky in one feat.

It was also under this atmosphere that Mu Chen and Xiong Ba’s conflict had also spread out, swiftly attracting much attention.

It was also because of this, that Mu Chen’s total bet amount had soared up to 100,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid… however, 80,000,000 drops...

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