Chapter 1237 - Bet

Chapter 1237 - Bet

A deep ditch stretched from the hall to the gate and everyone gradually had their faces turning grave. The scene from before was too abnormal. They had no idea what happened.

Xiong Ba’s fist was something that even a Greater Earth Sovereign must face with his full strength. However, Mu Chen merely lifted his hand to block it, with the result of Xiong Ba’s Spiritual Energy suddenly vanished and he even suffered a fist from Mu Chen, vomiting blood.

It was an unusual scene, no matter how they looked at it.

Thus, all of them directed their confused gazes at the calm Mu Chen. They naturally wouldn’t think that Xiong Ba was faking it, so there was only a conclusion. Mu Chen had used a method that they couldn’t detect to defeat Xiong Ba.

But regardless of anything… they understood from the scene of Xiong Ba losing that despite...

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