Chapter 1236 - One Fist

Chapter 1236 - One Fist

Mu Chen’s voice resounded, which caused many people to exchanged a look, since Mu Chen’s response had exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Not only did he accept the provocation, he even said that he’s not going to dodge and receive the fist head-on.

It’s definitely not easy for a Lesser Earth Sovereign to take an attack of a Greater Earth Sovereign head-on.

On the third floor, Ling Feizi’s gaze also flickered before her lips rose and she chuckled, “I never expected such a heroic youth. I’m having a whole new respect for you, hehe. Bear King, since he has asked for it, then you have to grant his wish.”

Many people inwardly laughed. A woman was truly terrifying when she’s vicious, her words basically blocked all paths of retreat for Mu Chen. 

If Mu Chen was speaking with arrogance, then he must be suffering now.

However, Mu Chen’s expression did not change from Ling Feizi’s words, he remained...

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