Chapter 1235 - 80,000,000 for a Fist

Chapter 1235 - 80,000,000 for a Fist

The entire building was silent with many dumbfounded gazes falling onto Mu Chen when his voice resounded. No one imagined that such a gentle-looking young man would be so domineering the moment he spoke.

The one he’s speaking with was a Greater Earth Sovereign!

Furthermore, Xiong Ba had decent fame in the West Heaven Continent, known as the Bear King to others. He’s exceptionally ruthless and overbearing, and it was known that he tore apart two Lesser Earth Sovereigns in the past and reduced them to blood paste.

And yet, Mu Chen actually dared to embarrass him.

Many exclamations resounded within the building and Xiong Ba’s eyes instantly turned red with killing intent as he looked at Mu Chen, before revealing his white teeth. “Brat, are you courting death when speaking in this manner to me?”

Facing the enraged Xiong Ba, Mu Chen indifferently...

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