Chapter 1234 - Favoured Winner

Chapter 1234 - Favoured Winner

When Mu Chen and Luo Li reached the West Heaven Battle City, it was already filled with people. What made them feel astonished was the boundless Spiritual Energy fluctuations that occasionally soared into the sky, the ripples all belonged to Earth Sovereigns.

“What a gathering of heroes…” Mu Chen couldn’t help sighing. This scene even surpassed the opening of the Ancient Haven Palace back then.

“This is the Seed of the Continent contest, after all. In the Great Thousand World, the title as a Seed of the Continent is equivalent to a ticket to Heavenly Sovereign Realm. No Earth Sovereign can resist this temptation, and if it wasn’t for the fact that every force was only limited to one quota, even I would have jumped out from the temptation and test my luck.” Luo Tianshen smiled.

Although the Luo God Clan had just stabilised, Luo Tianshen still personally led Mu Chen...

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