Chapter 1233 - Battle’s Arrival

Chapter 1233 - Battle’s Arrival

As time passes, the West Heaven Continent gradually boiled up with all the topic pointed towards the ‘Seed of the Continent’ battle that would soon take place.

Judging from a certain degree, this can be the most majestic event of the West Heaven Continent in the past few hundred years.

The reason why the forces here would pledge allegiance to the West Heaven Temple is for this Seed of the Continent battle, aside from the protection that the West Heaven Temple had granted them!

It is extremely tempting to every Earth Sovereign.

Because in the current Great Thousand World, more than half of the newly ascended Heavenly Sovereigns have a similarity, all of them had once obtained this title. The title as a Seed of the Continent!

Just this fact alone could make countless Earth Sovereign insane. After all, Heavenly Sovereigns are the realm that they have been dreaming, and if they could reach it, they would be equivalent to one of the pinnacle existences...

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