Chapter 1232 - The Powerful Crystal Pagoda

Chapter 1232 - The Powerful Crystal Pagoda

On the back mountain of the Luo God Palace

Mu Chen sat on the peak and suddenly opened his eyes, which had been closed for ten-odd days. But at this moment, his face was filled with lingering fear.

“How dangerous…” Mu Chen wiped the sweat on his forehead. It was too dangerous earlier. Although it was only a strand of his heart that sneaked into the Ancient Buddha Clan, the Heavenly Sovereigns of the Ancient Buddha Clan would be able to sense his location if it fell into their hands. At that time, he would be completely exposed.

But fortunately, his mother helped him at a crucial moment. Otherwise, he would be in a perilous situation.

“Mother…” Recalling the changes to the Spiritual Array that protected him, a warm sensation flowed in his heart. Although the two of them did not meet, Mu Chen could sense the bond of blood.

Perhaps his mother had expected this situation when she left the Great Pagoda Art behind, so she had left a hand in the Spiritual Array. Something that could grant Mu Chen protection when...

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