Chapter 1231 - Killing and Assistance

Chapter 1231 - Killing and Assistance

The enraged voice rumbled throughout the heavens akin to thunder with visible Spiritual Energy fluctuations rippling out.

As the Spiritual Energy fluctuated, a skinny hand enveloped towards Mu Chen.

The sudden changes scared Mu Chen, so he swept up the crystal pagoda and started to flee without any hesitation.

As he fled, Mu Chen, who was in his spiritual form, entered the pagoda and triggered it. Instantly, a crystalised lustre spread out along with a divine aura that formed into a vortex with Mu Chen intending to flee through the vortex.

“Thief, you want to run?!” The enraged voice resounded again and one could see that the countless stars in the sky were actually spiritual seals that started to link and form into a massive Spiritual Array prison.

When the Spiritual Array appeared, Mu Chen instantly felt that this entire land was under someone’s control, so he knew that it’s a terrible condition.

“Confine!” A cold snort resounded and Mu Chen was shocked to discover the vortex was being...

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