Chapter 1230 - Ancestral Aura

Chapter 1230 - Ancestral Aura

Mu Chen’s heart trembled, before he gradually calmed his heart after the initial shock. He had also vaguely guessed some reasons why.

He must have gained a more in-depth insight into the Great Pagoda Art, using the power from shattering his pagoda to arrive here. So this place must be greatly related to the Ancient Buddha Clan.

“Although the Great Pagoda Art was extraordinary in the past, it is still considered common for Earth Sovereigns. But since it can be the foundation technique of the Ancient Buddha Clan, then there must be a secret to it. It’s just that it needs to have higher cultivation in order to be comprehended and evolve…” So the evolution might be related to this place, or accurately speaking, related to that pagoda…

Thinking about it, Mu Chen’s...

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