Chapter 1229 - Ancient Land

Chapter 1229 - Ancient Land

On a lone peak behind the Luo God Palace, Mu Chen sat on an azure rock, welcoming the breeze fluttering his clothes.

His eyes were closed and he formed seals with boundless Spiritual Energy whistling over. It was akin to a current and was being absorbed into Mu Chen’s body, as if his body was a bottomless pit.

Once he entered the Earth Sovereign Realm, the amount of Spiritual Energy that Mu Chen could contain became unimaginable. Before the Earth Sovereign Realm, he could only store it in his Sovereign Sea. But after stepping into the Earth Sovereign Realm, his Sovereign Sea had disappeared, integrating into his body. So every single part of his body was akin to a Sovereign Sea. Thus, the capacity that he could contain naturally increased as well.

After cultivating for an hour, the commotion gradually calmed down and Mu Chen slowly...

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