Chapter 1228 - Four Holy Children

Chapter 1228 - Four Holy Children

The Luo God Clan’s incident gradually calmed down and the information of this event was also spread through the West Heaven Continent within a few days, causing a great tremble.

After all, it was sufficient for them to be shocked that the Flame Emperor and Battle Emperor would appear at the same time.

The Lesser West Heaven Realm was merely a corner of the West Heaven Continent. Although the Four God Clans that resided in that region weren’t weak, they could only be considered as ordinary compared to the entire West Heaven Continent.

However, who could have expected that this small event in the eyes of many would cause the Flame Emperor and Battle Emperor to show up?

It was precisely because of this, the other forces became more interested in this matter and investigated even further.

In the end, all of them were in disbelief after their investigations, since this was all caused by a young Lesser...

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