Chapter 1227 - Luo Li's means

Chapter 1227 - Luo Li's means

Along with the departure of the Battle Emperor, the dark clouds over the Luo God Clan disappeared. At this moment, everyone knew that the disaster that took place in the Luo God Clan had completely disappeared.

Thus, while everyone was cheering, Xue Lingzi led the experts of the Blood God Clan and fled from Luo God City.

After they flew some distance away, they started to slow down and exchanged looks. All of them appeared to have low morale.

All the powerhouse of the Blood God Clan had gone out intending to destroy the Luo God Clan. However, they never thought that the desperate straits of the Luo God Clan would be flipped around.

“It’s all that brat called Mu Chen, that bastard!” The experts of the Blood God Clan felt indignant. If it wasn't for Mu Chen’s appearance, then their Blood God Clan would become the greatest winner today.

But now, not to even speak about winning, the Blood God Clan even suffered losses. And if they didn’t quickly flee, they might even have...

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