Chapter 1225 - Seed of the Continent

Chapter 1225 - Seed of the Continent

“A quota for the Seed of the Continent?” The Battle Emperor’s brows tightly knitted as he replied without any hesitation, “Impossible! I’m sure you know how precious the Holy Child of the Continent is. That might represent a Heavenly Sovereign. With the current scale of my West Heaven Continent, even if this continent rested for several hundreds of years, it can only produce three Holy Children of the Continent!”

The Battle Emperor decisively refused since such resources were too precious.

Only a Heavenly Sovereign could control the continent’s energy. So it was desirable by the forces that joined under the West Heaven Temple.

According to the West Heaven Temple’s rules and regulations, only the forces and experts that had joined the Temple for ten years could obtain the qualifications to vie for the Seed of the Continent.

It was something that even Perfected Earth Sovereigns would be attracted by. That also explained the strong reply from the Battle Emperor...

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