Chapter 1224 - Grudges

Chapter 1224 - Grudges

“The Martial Ancestor, Lin Dong?” Everyone saw the Battle Emperor’s face turn black when the Flame Emperor spoke that name before they exchanged looks with doubt in their eyes.

They naturally knew about the Martial Ancestor, Lin Dong, since he was one of the few of those in the Great Thousand World that could be considered the Flame Emperor’s equal. Even his history wasn’t at all inferior to the Flame Emperor’s legend.

The Martial Ancestor also originated from the Lower Plane. But what caused everyone to be shocked was the fact that the Martial Ancestor actually led the experts of the Lower Plane to repel the attacks of a Fiend Clan’s invasion.

Although that branch wasn’t too overpowering, it still possessed the strength to sweep through any Lower Plane. However, all of them fell in the hands of the Martial Ancestor, so how could everyone not be shocked by such news?

After that, the Martial Ancestor challenged the Ice Spirit Clan and established...

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