Chapter 1223 - Flame Emperor VS Battle Emperor

Chapter 1223 - Flame Emperor VS Battle Emperor

When the voice of the Battle Emperor resounded in this region, many people instantly felt their backs drenched in sweat. They felt their scalps going numb with an urge to escape.

The Battle Emperor was a pinnacle existence in the Great Thousand World, and the Flame Emperor was a legend. The two of them were in the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, so it would definitely be a disaster if they fought. At that time, the entire Lesser West Heaven Realm would be affected by it.

When the Flame Emperor heard the Battle Emperor’s reply, he smiled with his eyes narrowed. “Sometimes, there are things that exceed your control.”

Although the Flame Emperor gave others a gentle and free feeling, the moment he unleashed his dominance, it could even suppress the Battle Emperor.

“Oh?” The brows of the Battle Emperor lifted...

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