Chapter 1222 - Reappearance of the Flame Emperor

Chapter 1222 - Reappearance of the Flame Emperor

“The Flame Emperor, Xiao Yan?!” When Battle Emperor’s astonished voice resounded, everyone was astounded as they looked at the man standing before Mu Chen in disbelief.

That’s because everyone in the Great Thousand World knew of that name well.

It was a legend, whether it was his extraordinary strength or his ability to establish the Endless Fire Territory in merely a few hundred years with a foundation that surpassed some ancient clans. The Endless Fire Territory became one of the supreme forces in the Great Thousand World that even ancient clans wouldn’t dare to underestimate him.

Even if the West Heaven Battle Emperor was famous, everyone knew that there’s a gap between him and this Flame Emperor of the Endless Fire Territory.

It was akin to a pinnacle powerhouse and a legend amongst the pinnacle powerhouses…

Such an existence wasn’t something that could be seen often. But right now… Mu Chen summoned...

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