Chapter 1221 - Battle Emperor’s Arrival

Chapter 1221 - Battle Emperor’s Arrival

The robust voice was akin to a deity that descended from the nine heavens, causing the earth to tremble. Many people had sweat dripping from their bodies, feeling that the rage of a deity would fall upon them.

The golden silhouette stood in the sky with his hands behind his back, with the aura of a ruler.

Under that pressure, ordinary experts could only kneel. It was so much so that even many Earth Sovereigns were under enormous pressure and they did not dare to look at him.

No one had expected… that the Battle Emperor himself would arrive!

Under that terrifying pressure, she looked at the majestic figure. Even if her body was trembling from the pressure, there wasn’t any fear on her face.

She looked at the golden silhouette and her voice resounded, “I am thankful for Battle Emperor’s generous affection, but I have no intention to be the Holy Maiden. Please choose someone else.”

Her voice made many people gulp down a mouthful of saliva with...

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