Chapter 1220 - Holy Maiden

Chapter 1220 - Holy Maiden

When Senior Winter Snow’s voice resounded, a commotion burst out in this region with envious gazes falling in Luo Li’s direction. No one had thought that the Battle Emperor would personally lay a decree. That existence of the West Heaven Temple was a towering figure that even those like Senior Winter Snow would have to be respectful of.

However, Luo Tianshen’s face had turned unsightly since everyone knew that the Battle Emperor of the West Heaven Temple had a huge harem that left everyone envious. The cultivation technique he practised was called the Great Emperor Internal Canon that could duo-cultivate. So this Battle Emperor was also famed for his loose lifestyle.

In the past, Luo Tianshen vaguely knew some news that the West Heaven Temple was paying attention to Luo Li. However,...

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