Chapter 1219 - Bella of the Great Thousand World

Chapter 1219 - Bella of the Great Thousand World

“A Perfected Earth Sovereign?” Luo Tianshen and Xue Lingzi’s fearful voices resounded, causing a huge commotion. After that, everyone looked at the silhouette beside Mu Chen in astonishment.

Space still fluctuated beside Mu Chen, with a petite silhouette standing beside him, attracting everyone’s attention and practically everyone was dumbfounded.

“That little girl… is actually a Perfected Earth Sovereign?” Someone couldn’t help exclaiming out.

“Fool, how can she be a little girl at that level?” However, there were still others that retained their rationale, since they weren’t confused by Mandala’s appearance.

“Just who is that Mu Chen? He’s actually so formidable to be able to invite even a Perfected Earth Sovereign here!” Someone couldn’t help exclaiming out. That’s because, even in the West Heaven Continent, Perfected Earth Sovereigns were considered the top of the pyramid. Not only would connections be needed to invite a Perfected Earth Sovereign, they even needed...

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