Chapter 1218 - Senior Winter

Chapter 1218 - Senior Winter

Mu Chen stood with his hands behind his back. at his rear, a massive Spiritual Energy burst out before space distorted and silhouettes stepped out from the distortion, standing behind Mu Chen under all the bulging eyes.

A total of five silhouettes, all of them emanating powerful Spiritual Energy with a terrifying pressure that spread out, tearing the clouds in the sky apart.

The five of them were all Lesser Earth Sovereigns!

When they appeared, the pressure from Xue Tong and the six other Lesser Earth Sovereigns had been immediately suppressed. On the contrary, they started to sense a terrifying pressure enveloping them from the sky that they were facing.

Thus, their faces instantly turned unsightly with an unconcealable fear gradually rising in their eyes.

“Five… five Lesser Earth Sovereigns?! Are they actually from the so-called ‘Mu Abode’? The strength of the Mu Abode is actually so powerful?” Finally, some people recovered from the shock....

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