Chapter 1217 - It can’t be

Chapter 1217 - It can’t be…

An enormous crater appeared in the Luo River that practically cut the Luo River’s flow. Xue Shou’s clothes were tattered while he laid in it the crater with his Spiritual Energy diminished. Evidently, he had been gravely injured.

Xue Tong was also lying in another corner of the Luo River, looking incredibly pathetic.

At this moment, the blood mist that was caused by Xue Yi had also completely faded away…

This region was silent. Everyone had their eyes bulging out at this scene. At this moment, regardless of the Blood God Clan or the Luo God Clan, or even the other powerhouses watching this battle, everyone had taken a deep breath in their hearts with fear.

That’s because this achievement was simply too terrifying.

By himself, Mu Chen managed to defeat three Earth Sovereigns, killing one and gravely injuring two!

At this moment, they would rather believe that Mu Chen had hidden his strength as a Greater Earth Sovereign. After all, the reality was too cruel and if Mu Chen really was a Greater...

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